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Condition & Valuation Surveys

This is the type of survey requested when someone is buying a boat or obtaining insurance. The condition and valuation survey is also used for financing. This survey is a thorough examination of all the accessible areas of the hull structure, inside and out. Special attention is given to all structural component parts and pieces and to every repair found on the hull.
Every boat has its history of care and neglect by various owners. It may have been moored under cover or exposed to the weather; it may have been serviced and maintained regularly, sporadically, or hardly at all. The original material of which it was built may have been good quality or not. Understanding all these factors allows us to better assess the overall integrity of its present condition.
Percussion testing of all external surfaces is routinely done to the hull, decks, and superstructure. Selective probing and visual inspection are also common methods used to gather information.
The mechanical and propulsion systems and auxiliary equipment are also carefully inspected. On some occasions a professional engine survey is recommended and conducted by a well-respected engine surveyor. He can discover hidden internal engine problems.
A complete rigging inspection is also done on sailboats.
To establish a fair market value, we have a large database, based on over 25 years of survey experience and up-to-date reference guides.
Our marine survey reports are accepted by all underwriters, agents, and financial institutions worldwide.

Sea Trials

We accompany the vessel underway, when requested, to further analyze the operational characteristics of the systems, deck equipment, electronics, etc. Often this is done in conjunction with an engine survey.

Corrosion Analysis

We have years of experience with marine-related corrosion of metals, often called "electrolysis." On board, dissimilar metals, stray AC-DC current, and bonding and grounding systems can all cause a multitude of complex issues that can be resolved.

Damage and Repair Analysis & Repair Supervision

Understanding and evaluating damage and repairs takes an experienced eye and a background of practical, hands-on experience. Having worked in boat and shipyards, Lee knows the lingo, the tools, the personnel, and especially the methodology for major or minor hull repairs. Proper management of any repair will make certain the project is done correctly, on time, and within budget. So often, repair yards provide a much better final product when they know an experienced owner's representative is on hand.


Often, negotiations between the buyer and banks, insurance companies, and others can benefit from expert professional advice. Lee's active contributions to such dialogues can smooth the way for prompt and timely completion of sales or insurance processes.

Expert Witness Services

Lee has a background in providing expert witness services in pre-litigate and litigation situations. His services provide expert opinion on the quality of necessary repairs, the installation of systems and equipment, and the extent of on board damage. This can assist vessel owners, builders, attorneys, and underwriters. Such testimony is factual, effective, and beneficial to all concerned.

For over 35 years, my life has been the sea and boats. This includes offshore sailing, boat building, and repair. As an experienced sailor, I know the importance of seaworthiness and attention to detail in maintaining or repairing yachts.

Travels aboard Havorn have taken me to yards throughout the world, where I have had the privilege of learning from master craftsmen. In Norway, I repaired wooden fishing vessels. I learned the art of wood and fiberglass yacht construction in New Zealand. An on-going project was the overseeing and restoration of the Alden-designed 64' wooden ketch, Jessica, in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have also worked as a shipwright on numerous boats of all sizes in the Pacific Northwest. During my employment at reputable yards, I have mastered wood repair and layout techniques, as well as fiberglass construction and repair.

Both wood and fiberglass have special problems. From my experience of boat building and repair, I can accurately diagnose problem areas. My survey will provide a clear profile on the structural integrity of your boat. Consultation on repairs or maintenance is also available.

- Lee H. Ehrheart

Lee H. Ehrheart
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